How to know if you have social networks addiction

This is the last picture I posted tonight (2:35 am of today, Monday the 22nd of August, 2016) and posted it in Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. It’s my pomeranian dog Pimpón whom I just felt like comparing it to Eevee. It’s 2:35am and am still awake folks! Tomorrow I have med school and need to wake up early. But, what’s the point going into bed late if not browsing through the social media? Isn’t it looking for something new or funny? Or something pleasant?
Well, lately I’ve found myself in the moment of posting too many pictures in a senseless way and I asked myself: is it necessary for me to post everything I do or eat? Even my best friend has told me plenty of times: dude, is it necessary for you to do that? You sometimes act as if you were absent, and other times you feel the urge of taking pics at Starbucks, or at anyplace and posting them. Why? One time he said for me not to take a pic of him. I asked for the reason, he just said that he would not be in it just because. I love that dude, why? Because he rocks and also because he gets on my nerves and makes me see things the right way. And social media is one of them. 

Whether you are a serious blogger, a self-made journalist to the world, a novice in photography or just love taking pics of your surroundings posting them on Instagram or Twitter, or love retweeting posts of others, love posting your state of humour or what you do in Facebook, or just taking snaps on your Snapchat Story for your friends and new friends from around tge globe…there is something we all users have in common whether we accept it or not: a desire for public recognition and approval (not all the time though). 

Yes, that is the inner drive and you cannot hide it. It is deep within us. It may hide very well but all of us know it very well. Even now as I type this post I too feel it, a hope that someone will read it and give it a fave and give me the recognition “deserved.” We write the best way we can, proofreading it and (in my case) reading it aloud to see if it “sounds ok.” Or looking for the best filter in a photograph before it’s  submitted to the world.

Now that finally the “elephant inside the living room ” is detected, what are some lights to “turn the warning lights on” of this dependence? There might be more, but will ennumerate just a few:

  1. You use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Tumblr or any other social network.
  2. You use at least one of the above listed regularly.
  3. You visit your social media at least 5 times a day.
  4. You use more than one type of app/social media at the same time.
  5. You sleep very late due to your attachments on social media.
  6. You feel a bit anxious if your battery is about to die and sincerely it is not because you will be phone-less but app-less.
  7. You use abbreviations for those social media when talking to othersyour : IG, Fb, SC, etc.
  8. You spend more time with your online pals than your live friends/family.
  9. You feel no one understands you. You feel you do not belong to old standards. 
  10. You feel the drive/necessity of posting everything you feel “important” such as what you eat, the gym you go to, the diet plan you follow, the shadows that those trees make at a sunset near the park you took your kids to, the stars invading the sky, applying filters to what you are drinking and post while driving…well pretty much everything. You feel like finally your artistic/modeling/sporty/funny side flourished.
  11. Your friends tell you all I just listed above and yet you feel a bit angry or uncomprehended. 
  12. You end up having too many posts of things not that important, and yet you cannot see the banality. 

I went through this list myself and still am in it. Found myself at #9 and felt a bit or a mixture between anger and questioning. But at least now I identified I have a “problem” and I can so something about it: UNPLUG MYSELF…for a while.

We are in a new generation, new devices, new and sensationalism fills the atmosphere. The new and improved the better. The fast and instant the best…but we live surrounded by the same old world with same people and wonders that will never fully be grasped with the lens of a camera but with the recording of our brain and feelings.

What is the main point? To recognise there is a problem, and tackle it: having a reading time with real books, interaction with real, physical people, going to a gym or to a restaurant with no apps opened…those are just a few examples. Let’s make it  happen, let’s be less attached to society and attach more to those who matter…

PS: stay away from Pokèmon Go for a while lol

    Back to School

    I’m not just returning to a school, but to my future” I told myself as I tried to wake up myself yesterday morning at 6:00am. 

    Medschool is just not a dream, it has become a reality, it is part of myself though sometimes I may not like discipline after a long period of vacational lazyhead status. But here I am! Back!! 

    What do We Really Celebrate in a 4th of July?

    First of all I’m happy to be on vacations here in Texas and I can lay back and relax before going back to medschool. I can rest my mind though I’m still reading (can’t refrain myself from doing it!. I know). Going to the park and looking at those disc-throwers has become casual and I happen to know some of them by now. Still will not do disc golf, it is just too lame for me. I’m currently doing exercise so I feel better with myself.

    But thinking about this day as I get up from bed (kinda late) I got to think, (as you may know by now I tend to look deeper at things, that’s why I have few followers), what is the reason behind all the celebration of this day.

    As I told you before, and you know, I was born and raised in another country and am naturalised as an american citizen now. To me it is strange how they celebrate here the independence: not giving a full thought of the heroes involved, not even costume-dressed people as those heroes, not honouring them in any sort of way, but rather you see in the parades cheerleaders, Uncle Sam hats, many tri-coloured cars, bunch of grilling and cook outs, drunk people, and of course: the Fire Works.

    It just seems that people celebrate themselves, not what it means…

    It is strange to me that this day passes to be just like Thanksgiving day: a day of shopping, specials, commercials, TV spots, spending, and it becomes all but what it was meant to mean: a Day of thanksgiving and remembrance. A day of bringing honour and respect, and tolerance among brothers. And it happens the same to the Independence day. Here in America everything is so commercialised, so shallow, that no real meaning is set on the proyections to its citizens, but just a bunch of meeting goers with little intention to remember those who lost their lives to rise and make this country what it is today: “The Land of The Free.”

    It is a national holiday, but to many it is a day to relax. It should be, why not, but to remember.

    Hope that tonight, as they do cook out and take their kiddos to see the FireWorks, parents sit and explain to this new generation what this day means: that USA is no longer under a human kingship and will not tollerate any sort of oppression, nor slavery, nor discrimination within itself. What the 13 stripes mean, what the 50 stars mean, what it was like to be in a war, how the grand British army was defeated by Americans and the French. And that by their deaths and sufferings we are now a free country. That their memories should be blessed and show respect in that day, which happens to be today.

    I’m not a grumpy person, but meaning has been washed away from celebrations, and that, my friends will lead to assimilation and loss of identity. Try to remember, and like some of us say: Never Forget & Never again!

    Be strong! חזק

    Feelings in a nutshell

    Yom HaShoah…or Holocaust Remembrance Day..what does it mean to all of the world?

    To me, basically means my past, present and future, my life, the tyranny of the many unto a few, and the reason never to give up nor give in unto anyone. But what does it mean to the rest of the world?

    Many deny the irrefutable fact that more than 6M people died, most of them being jews, and the few others were non jews like the physically impaired, homosexuals, and others whom professed a different religion. The question is: why them? 

    According to a hitlerian point of view: why not? 

    The physically impaired are nothing but a burden to the country, doesn’t matter if they ate newborns, kids, youngsters or the elderly, they are unproductive and must not reproduce contaminating the rest of the prefered seeds with desired traits (arian of course). 

    The homosexuals, well why not uproot them and burn them into ashes? Aren’t they a curse? They won’t reproduce and are inferior to all, might be physically or mentally impaired even though they might express the desired physical traits of the nation nazis were trying to build. 

    And the Jewish people, why not? Those despised people that make gold come forth from their hands and becoming richer than the average people: bankers, doctors, lawyers, you name it. Taking advantage of the poor, they all should be killed.

    The religious minorities? They help the jews, will not obey us to mass murder jews. They differ and are endangering a truly christian europe, so with the jews they help there they shall go. 

    So 6M innocent jews were tortured in experiments, forced to labour and then killed by the german nazi regime. What happened? In another time they were friends, jewish and german children played along, people used to be in peace, just like in mediaeval spain were jews, muslims and christians got along just fine, introducing a golden time period of technology, science, poetry and architecture for sefarad (the jewish Spain) or Al-Andaluz (the muslim Spain). It just needed someone to break appart that peace and instill in the hearts of many the hatred. In old Spain a crazy queen called Isabel instituted the Inquisition, in pre-nazi Germany a fool, mut-blooded guy called Adolf gave the idea of “the final solution”, and in America..well the white supremacy ideal.

    So that was the mind back then..mediaeval times, then 1930s, and sadly the Holocaust it is not too far back: almost 90 yrs. The same shameful history goes to American discrimination from the 1800s and perpetuated to 1920s, and we know that apparently ended in the 1960s, but still hate crimes were committed against blacks, sometimes there once in a while a cop kills a black person just because the person is black and looks suspicious. 

    Have you realised that it has not changed a bit? The problem here is the human heart and the feeling of being superior. Crimes in Africa, Europe,USA, Mexico, Latin America and many other countries with stories of genocides, murder, rape and death, just because of their race are still perpetrated. 

    What does Yom HaShoah mean to the world? Will it be just a silent monument of more than 6M lives that were crushed just because they “interfered” with that of an ideal? Will we stand silent as the many kill the few? Will it bring conscience to the nations so they will one day say: “never again”? Will there be peace? 

    That is my thought for these past days as Yom HaShoah passed by.

    Sick and hating it…can you change your mood/cheer?


    me, w/ nose-mouth mask..

    Don’t you hate it when you get sick? Let’s face it. You just don’t pray to get sick, neither would you get sick rather than going to college or to work, or both! Neither you like to be petted or comforted while sick; you rather feel that comfort fully in good health. 

    Sickness or disease splits into many types: ranging from the relatively pain-curable common cold & headache to majour health issues such as cancer and AIDS. Here I will refer to my present condition as the view point; but again, i know that harsh diseases can never be compared to common cold, they are far worse, but this can help a little in how we can deal with them.

    What can you do to feel better if all seems falling into the odds? I’m presenting headaches continuously with a 39.5C fever that accompanies it with articular aches; burning eye sensation, sweating and generalised body pain are just a few symptoms of what I have. No amigdalitis (inflamation of the throat glands), and fever peaks are so strange that right now I doubt it’s common cold. 

    I rarely get sick, maybe once a year with cold (i manage allergic rinitis and sinusitis with medications), but once I get sick, It strikes me down badly! Hate it! 

    Three days before today I wabrahging about my “extraordinary great health” since before my flight, all surrounding me at home were sick; me, commenting that in my travel to Puebla for two weeks, all too were sick except me and that my immune system kicked in positively…many were sick …and BUM after a week and a half post travel: I got sick!

    I blame myself for bragging about it..ok, so Now I’m Sick..what do I do? Well, let’s think positively despite it all, despite of body pain. Let’s get deep here.

    Sometimes you don’t appreciate what you have until you lose it or it aches. Normally you never think of your muscles, bones, tendons (unless you are a body builder or athlete) or how nice it is to be healthy, with no headaches nor fever. As you get sick, and all aches, you can feel everything within you, from your back to  your eyes burning, but you feel, you breathe, you can still move, and the best of all: it is mostly treatable with retrovirals or antibiotics. 

    Instead of taking the advantage of being sick and not do a thing, I try to stay active mentally and physically. As i read through an autodidactic encyclopaedia I’ve had since I was a kid, I became aware of how much I’ve forgotten about biology and chemistry. As a positive result, new neuronal connections were made and thus aiding in avoiding Alzheimers. As for physical activity: does walking the dog, baking beans, sweeping and moping the floor count? Haha! I don’t feel with the humour of doing exercise right now. Before, I used to do Tai-Chi, love the sensation of meditation, stretching and feeling “energy” flow. Just today wasn’t my day. Lol. Tomorrow I might do some though. 

    Besides, getting sick is not that bad. You can’t enjoy many things, such as flavours in your mouth, but it is hilarious not to taste a steak or spaghetti! Face it! You’ve thought about it too! Good thing you will not dare to eat rotten food lol. Some of your chores are diminished at home 😉 and that I do like. Your vision might be blurry, your mandible might hurt as you chew, and your ear might be in pain; just remember that this condition is temporary as you better off. 

    Besides all what i’ve mentioned early…also:

    Sickness allows us to ponder or meditate about others in worse conditions than us and allow us to be more empathetic with them. 

    So next time you get sick, just think of what we’ve talked so far 😉 

    The Fast, The Strong and The Sweat Free

    That specific thought went through my mind after looking at some pics of guys with toned muscles and then compared them to me. “Damn! I’m lame,” I thought. 

    I’m actually a bit chub but still feel like this guy


    that’s me at a normal day


    at Venetian Casino in Las Vegas w/mom

     I have tried many times (trying here doesn’t apply to the real term of trying: it actually means doing something but then quitting for some sort of condition that avoids or refrains me from doing it), but not being constant at the excercise dominion as I once was. It’s more like “trying out”  but without the responsibility of maintaining a certain  standard or probably not being able enduring training. Don’t get me wrong, I did  try “my best” in keeping up with everything: from running, retaking my martial arts training or trying to do it on my own, walking, weight-lifting..but I’m not constant…I blame it on two factors: laziness and my poor vision of Post-Modern Culture. I suppose laziness is self explanatory Yes. We all want it “quick, ready to use, to-go, ready to eat, hot-n-ready, pre cooked, pre done already, at the reach of a click or a dial,” sounds familiar? To my disgrace it does! Way too familiar!!!

    I all have it on my mind: I set a goal, I plan a schedule, I set a space to perform my “routine at home or at the park,” and then I begin. The thing is that after a week or two I grow tired of not seeing any result, no quick results. I begin blaming my routines of not being good enough, but that is not the problem: My mind is the problem. I’m so used to quick results that I want to transpolate the likeness of results (like blood analysis and fast answers) to my life. Has it hapened to you?

    I just don’t mean a hot-n-ready body to presume. You see, almost everything goes there: relationship solvers such as love gurus, fat removers like plastic surgeons, fake promises like miracle pill-sellers on TV, sellers of patch-like electric muscle toner placed on the abdomen, and all that sort of things that promise an effort-free solution. You see? 

    Our society, as well as my mind, has forgotten about the true meaning and value of things and how hard it was back then to obtain something that today you just bring down from a store shelf and heat in a microwave, or drink it with a glass of water. 

    To have the real thing it takes effort and time; real butter took hours to be produced, to mold a perfect toned body takes years, to have a perfect or a great relationship it takes effort and time. To become a MD takes years and dedication as I’m on it. To make real pizza takes several minutes to make: from making the dough (10 min + rising of the dough (20-30min), setting all home made and organic ingredients and preparing them and place them on the pizza (4min) baking it making sure it doesn’t burn and that it has the right colour and texture (20 min), then taking it out from the oven. Yes, great things take time, but oh man, are they worth the wait and effort!!


    this homemade pizza just got me thinking haha

    Guess some point at this little conversation got me hungry haha. The main idea here is: let’s do it even though it costs, it might be time consuming, muscle pain or strain, sweating might be involved, mind stressing, actually doing work, but if it means something to you, if it is your goal or dream, then DO IT!! Don’t depend on the Ready-to-use exit: make your own solutions and get going! As for me, I will go ahead and do it one more time, but with a different mindset. 


    to get ready and do this…


    and never consider this…


    Trump’s triumph?

    I’ve heard all types and sorts of stuff from this notorious (yet darkened) character from politics…what did he think he did that day w/ the accusations against Mexicans anyways? To whom was he actually targeting those words?

    Most of the hispanic and latino community is in expectation of what new offensive/racist words will sprout from Trump’s mouth. The other part of the hispanic community that I didn’t mention (minority) are pro-Trump and pro-everything he says, feeling themselves as natives of this country called USA (although they are descendants of immigrants, third generation at the most  perhaps). 

    Still remember that day when this candidate to the presidency said those accusative words against Mexican immigrants; however this elicited a response not just in Mexico, but in Latin America, reacting and recalling the brotherhood and support there is amongst hispanics and Latin Americans 

    Yes, yes I know…there has been a long breach between Mexicans and the rest of Latin Americans due to missunderstandings and because of the strong sense of nationality that we, Mexicans do have. (I was born in Mexico, raised in USA practically my whole life, but still my sense of nationality is there, and view myself as Mexican despite being an American citizen). This is the problem: People from Central and South America have long complained that Mexicans don’t like to call themselves Latin Americans but instead they call themselves what it should be: Mexicans (due to strong nationality concepts), this makes the others feel a bit discouraged or left aside, still I don’t know why, but they feel a bit offended or feel that there is a sense of superiority amongst mexicans, but that is just BS.  All I can say now is that if it was closed…now that breach and gap was narrowed and is a bit stronger than what it was 20 yrs ago. 

    It was brought to worldwide attention: media (from around the globe, specially in formal interviews of Latin American figures,vocal talent show demonstrations of support), latin community growing a bit more united and conscious that this racial attack could have been directed to any one.

    My favourite part was him being kicked off of NBC, Univision and well, it is hilarious that Carlos Slim, a Mexican whom is included in the list is richer than him in all ways 

    At least this is “the only something” I consider as a triumph for Trump…is: his babbling united hispanics of all spheres of society and life. 


    Lost dog:what to do?

    Just found this black Little Lion female dog as I was driving back home, it had it’s name tag but no address…so I took her home. My dog Pinpón, as you may know, got very excited etc etc, but the question here is: Did I do good bringing the she-dog into my house? 

    I did it because I wish someone would have done it for my Pinpón when it got lost for about 4 days. We posted signs everywhere the next morning and waited about 4 days until we found Pinpón at a field  closeby. Found my dog all dirty, hungry and full of thorns. How did it get lost? That’s another story…ok: my little dog took the scape chance as my parents were going out and in whilst mowing the lawn. 

    So we are keeping Yale until tomorrow, we will walk her around the area…hope to find her real owners.  

       This is the image i captured of Yale vía Snapchat 🙂

      This is my dog: yes, it has his own FB account

    Disk Golf: Disc…what?

    There has been a phenomenon going on at the park behind our house, it is called Disc golf.

    Disk what?” Yes, that was my very first reaction two months ago as I read a sign on the park’s fence that pertained to a group of people that only threw discs inside a metal basket in a golf-like pattern and called it a sport. As my dog Pinpón (a 7 yr old pomeranian that you’ll later know well), and I walked along the park’s sidewalk I tried not to laugh nor make any precipitated judgement about this weird sight.

    I’m used to see sports, since at a very young age I was introduced to some of them, like tai-chi, kung fu, karate, swimming, and running; my dad is a master in Kung Fu, Karate-Do (Gotu-Riu) and in Imua-Limalama (polynesian), and I know what sports look like. Tennis, basketball, soccer, football, rugby…and yea, even real golf have something in common: they involve action and methodic training, not a  a bunch of people throwing discs like crazy. Well, it was going to get worse.

    I found them the most invasive and annoying group every time I tried to exercise at the park and do my meditations. I just felt a Swoosh above my head and heard a sorry from the distance. Just felt displaced from my “secret and happy place. I decided not go to the park anymore. “They have many things in common ” I told my self as I peeked through the window, “they (if not all) are overweight (have not anything against overweight people at all), bearded, old, apparently didn’t know about the game, wore kindergarten-like bags for their discs, throw discs like crazy and make cook outs every weekend. When will  those ‘disc throwers’ leave?!!”

    It became so annoying that i began investigating, and yes…it ends up that there is a sport called Disc Golfing, and there are championships and all!! “What is wrong with this world?” I said to myself as i closed my laptop “Hmm, is there something beneficial or at least sporty in that? Oh they take up my space!”

    It is curious how another walk to the park lead me to an unexpected answer, one I was not expecting.

    Sundown of today, as I walked Pinpón, I saw these people again, effortless and throwing some discs towards the baskets, scoring, some laughing. Saw kids playing and running to their parents…and then I saw my neighbour and his kid. He has very limited time to be w/his family and got to see him there at the park with the “disc throwers”. He did fit in the previous physical description I made of them all, even his kid, but there was a warm scene going on: a Father and his Son,  together, playing a “sport” side by side. Smiling at each other, carrying their discs and bags, heading home, waving at me.

    Guess I will find somewhere else to exercise and keep up with my goal: to restart with my training, lose more weight, but the lesson was learned…at least this is how I see it.

    So, this is it…

    I normally find myself in a dilemma: to do things or not. Let me give you guys some examples: to jump/dive into the pool or slowly get into it, to have a plain burger or a delightful quesadilla, to begin blogging or forgetting the idea. Well, I opted for the “yes” option this time.

    A class mate introduced me yesterday to WordPress and I thought of giving it a try, since I like writing in my spare time of any topic related to my present interest. I guess you have a new contributor to the bloggersphere now.

    Who am I? What do I like to talk about? Mostly about anything dealing with everyday life and its issues. Love reading, writing, drawing (I will not show off my drawings here, guys, so don’t think I will do that nor worry about me doing it); I may write about religious and/or political points of view, since it is part of human nature as well. Hate politics in a sense, since we know it is not really controlled by us, but well, it is always amusing to hear something different. Well, free to contact me if you’re interested in anything I begin posting 🙂 

    I feel like the new kid here, but i will try my best to speak my mind